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Voskhod 09/1990, 1 hour burn-in. Both triodes match within 10%, all figures for triode #1. The other 6N1P with the same markings I tested is also quite close.

Standard specifications per each triode
Parameter Maximum Operating Point Measured (*)
Ua, V 300 250 239
Ug, V - -4.5 -4.0
Ia, mA 25 8 8.0
Pa, W 2.2 (2.0) (1.9)
Gm, mA/V - 4.7 4.7
Rp, kOhm - (7.0) 7.9
Mu, V/V - 33 38

(*) As close to standard O/P as the tester could approach. Anyway, a perfect match!

1. Full power curve. Asterisk marks standard operating point which is nearly on the edge of my meter. It should correspond to Ug=-4.5V, actually it's at Ug=-4.8V in this triode and -5.0V in the other one. 2 Watts per triode and 4 watts in heater - that's a very hot little tube!

Grey curve: Ig<5uA; Yellow: 5<Ig<20ua; Red:Ig>20uA. Measurements terminate at Ug>300uA (hardware limited)

2. Uheater=5V - full power curve. Note the oddities at extreme plate power (bleeding grid?). That's well above maximum rating, anyway.

3. 10mA closeup, normal Uheater

4. 3mA closeup, normal Uheater

5. 3mA / 120V closeup, normal Uheater

6. Gm/Mu/Rp measurements

Legend: White curves: Ig<5uA Yellow: 5<Ig<20uA Red: 20<Ig<300uA. Measurements terminate at Ig>300uA

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