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Over 200 original datasheets are scanned mostly from the 1966 Electron Devices Reference (in Russian) and saved as .GIF graphics at minimum readable resolution. Some datasheets are only one page (30-50K), some are 8-10 pages (300K and more). In a few cases, when the 1966 edition omitted graphics on obsolete tubes, I inserted scans from the 1948 Ginkin's reference book.

The main tube list is self-explanatory. The first link in each line (tube name) points to .GIF datasheet. In a few instances, when I don't have a domestic source, I inserted link to other sites having such info. You don't need to download Cyrillic text support if your browser asks you to do so. List itself is in English (see Notes about Cyrillic-to-Latin conversion issues), the datasheets, of course, in Russian. The [square brackets] in the list indicate prototype tubes for a particular type; these may be US or Euro or domestic tubes. Some are identical to Soviet clones, some may be incompatible in pinout or maximum ratings. Wattage ratings in the list (001W, 010W etc.) are for quicker navigation only, always refer to exact datasheet ratings. Beware that the same tube types were made for decades by different factories to different standards, and the tubes currently produced for sales overseas may differ from the 1966 datasheet. For example, Svetlana 6N1P specs are different from the reference 6N1P specs, etc.

Alternative bilingual datasheets, with full English texts, are available at Frank Philipse Database - this list is shorter.

I did not include data on power transmitter tubes and the gas-filled tubes (thyratrons, mercury rectifiers, etc.) - email me if you need data on these.

Note that this is not a commercial site and I do not sell tubes.



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