Klausmobile Tube Tester Files - How to photograph tubes and PCBs

klausmobile 2001

... You don't need a camera! Use a flatbed scanner. Put tubes on glass plate, cover with white paper for backlight, or use aluminum baking foil for an artistic backdrop. Otherwise the image is too dark (you still need some photoshop contrast and sharpness adjustment). All my tube 'photos' are made with a $45 Acer 640 scanner in 300 dpi color mode. Practical image depth without external lighting is up to 5 cm. To minimize glare - place tubes parallel to scanning lamp motion (that's vertical on a tubescape below). This also helps secure tubes from rolling back and forth caused by scanner vibration.

When you need to show tube details above upper mica - place tube at 30-45 degree angle (I use wood pieces to support). Beware, vibration from scanner movement can ruin the whole 'building' and damage your bottles!

You can 'photograph' assembled PCB as well

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