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Saratov (Reflector factory), made 07/1995, re-tested 12/1998 (stamp on the back: pereprov 98 12). Purchased directly from the factory stock. All 6N9S tubes in this stock were twisted - literally, the bottle was off-axis with base. Nevertheless, performs close to the specs and the triodes match for all 3 tubes I happen to have. Quite close to the ancestor's specs, too.

Standard specifications per each triode
Parameter Maximum Operating Point Measured (*)
Ua, V 275 250 245
Ug, V <-1.0 -2.0 -2.0
Ia, mA 12 2.3 -2.0
Pa, W 1.1 (0.58) (0.49)
Gm, mA/V - 1.6 1.5
Rp, kOhm - 44 53
Mu, V/V - 70 79

(*) As close to standard O/P as the tester could approach.

1. Curve at normal Uheater, full operating power

2. Curve at Uheater = 5.0V

3. Normal Uheater - 2mA closeup. If it seems there's some sinewave noise added to curves under 1mA, it is! That's the quantization effect at very small currents. Not AC noise. Just disregard it. I should add some dithering to plate current readings.

4. Gm/Mu/Rp measurements

Legend: White curves: Ig<5uA Yellow: 5<Ig<20uA Red: 20<Ig<300uA. Measurements terminate at Ig>300uA

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